OGX|Virtual Museum

OGX group created a three dimensional digitalization and an interactive presentation for the Anna and Ignacy Iwaszkiewicz Museum in Stawisko, Poland. Three dimensional digitalization is a modern method of a filling system for art/museum collections. It allows to create full three dimensional models with a very high complexity and details with preserving information about shapes and also colors. Obtained models can be used for several purposes like documentation, education and other museum activities.




Within Stawisko Project a three dimensional reconstruction of one of the Museum rooms (saloon-dinning room) were performed. Digitalization included the furniture, interior decoration elements and art objects. Models of all of these objects were located inside a digitally reconstructed room. It can be visited within a created interactive presentation which includes also a brief information about the life and the writing art of the writer, photography archive of the whole Iwaszkiewicz family and movies which shows the present state of the mansion.


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(C) 2006 Artur Filipczak / OGX|OPTOGRAPHX IMIF PW