System OGX|4D makes possible noncontact measurements of 3D dynamic objects whose surfaces can change during measurement sequence (shape and position). Measurement is based on the active fringe projection method with a color coded fringe marker and on the CNDZF method. The system needs only one frame to be captured by a camera to obtain information about object surface. This solution offers a much shorter measurement time in comparison with measurements using other standard techniques based on structural light methods.

Specification (system prototype):

  • measurement volume: 0,5 x 0,4 x 0,2 m3;
  • measurement uncertainty: <0,5mm;
  • measurement frequency: 25Hz (depends mainly on the chosen image capture device).


  • dynamic objects measurement;
  • additional simplified colour information;
  • method is universal: various types of objects can be measured.


  • computer graphics and animations;
  • virtual reality systems;
  • medical systems (orthopedics and rehabilitation);
  • engineering systems (dynamic analysis);
  • services for artist.


(C) 2006 Artur Filipczak / OGX|OPTOGRAPHX IMIF PW