Optical Shape Measurements Laboratory

The laboratory is designed for performing high quality and accurate shape measurements. Window blinds and air condition system eliminate the influence of outer conditions and allow to maintain stable environment conditions during measurements. Laboratory equipment consists of several measurement tables for system calibration in a wide range of measurement volumes (from several centimeters up to several meters). The rotating table, which is also present in this laboratory, allows to rotate scanned objects with a great precision. Owing to this an automatic merger of results obtained from different directions can be performed.



Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory

The laboratory is exclusively designed for Virtual Studio project. Currently, most space of this room is occupied by a blue box installation with measurements of 4mx4mx3m. The studio is equipped with two DV camcorders, studio lamps and a sound mixer, which fully allows to record a TV program/show. Image processing including keying and recording is performed on highly efficient workstations placed in a separate air conditioned room. The laboratory is equipped with a camera tracking system for recording programs using virtual studio technology. This laboratory will be also used for other optical motion tracking systems (motion capture).



Server Room

Inside a separate, air conditioned room computer workstations used for image processing, 3D virtual scene design generation and audio video signals transfers are located. The room is isolated from the studio in order to minimize interferences during TV program recordings.


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