OGX|OPTOHRAPHX group unofficially started its activities at the beginning of 2003. The team was created and managed by Robert Sitnik, who has begun to gather a fast growing group of specialists from the fields of photonics and multimedia. The influence of Professor Małgorzata Kujawińska and other heads of the Optical Engineering Division Institute of Micromechanics and Photonics cannot be underestimated.

OGX|OPTOGRAPHX associates many specialists from several fields of science, for instance: optics, optoelectronics, image processing, programming, 3D graphics and visualization. The core research and development team consists of eight researchers. Additionally, a group of several students from the Faculty of Mechatronics of Warsaw University of Technology work for selected projects.

Since the beginning of OGX|OPTOGRAPHX the majority of scientific research projects has been carried out in close cooperation with Polish and foreign universities and companies from the field of new technologies. This fact proves crucial, taking into consideration the best correlation between projects and current or future needs of the society or the market. One of the first big projects was Virtual Studio system in cooperation with Polish Television.

Current range of projects and other research and development works:

  • Optical shape measurements
  • Machine vision (object tracking and analysis)
  • Multimedia (3D graphics and virtual reality)
  • Biomechanics (shape measurements and gait analysis)

OGX|OPTOGRAPHX has at its disposal two laboratories: Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory and Optical Shape Measurements Laboratory. The laboratories are reserved exclusively for OGX and used mainly for current projects realization. Several classrooms and a conference hall are additionally available for lectures and projects meetings. The first room is equipped with several computer stations for practical student activities from the range of current and past projects. The second room is equipped with a very modern presentation system which allows to perform and record teleconferences (in real time).


Group Members



Ph.D. Robert Sitnik
R&D, group leader


M.Sc. Paweł Błaszczyk
R&D, programming, elektronics

M.Sc. Paweł Bolewicki
R&D, programming, 3D/4D scanning


M.Sc. Artur Filipczak
R&D, multimedia, programming


M.Sc. Dariusz Jasiński
R&D, programming


M.Sc. Maciej Karaszewski
R&D, programming, networking

M.Sc. Janusz Lenar
R&D, programming, ACS


M.Sc. Jakub Krzesłowski

M.Sc. Grzegorz Mączkowski

M.Sc. Gabriel Piasecki
R&D, multimedia


Ph.D. Sławomir Paśko
R&D, programming, optoelectronics

M.Sc. Jan Rutkiewicz
R&D, programming, 3D scanning

M.Sc. Marcin Witkowski
R&D, multimedia, programming


M.Sc. Wojciech Załuski
R&D, projektowanie, 3D scanning





Marcin Adamczyk

Jerzy Bielicki

Michał Kamiński


Michał Majewski

Jakub Michoński

Krzysztof Mularczyk


Damian Nowotka

Dominik Paraszka



Past Members


Ph.D. Piotr Garbat
R&D, programming
Virtual Studio

M.Sc. Marcin Olender

M.Sc. Janusz Sidor
R&D, multimedia
Virtual Studio


M.Sc. Adam Wierzchowski
Virtual Studio

next work:
Platige Image





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